Our Story

Stacy And MartyOur story is built on a sincere desire to help law enforcement respond more quickly, and to provide extra protection for schools, churches, and government buildings — and their occupants.

The story of The Trinity System starts with a schoolteacher in the small Wisconsin town of Baraboo…

Humble Roots…Global Aspirations

Stacy Jax has spent significant time in schools as a parent helper, educational assistant, and ultimately, an elementary school teacher. With a first grade daughter at the time, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting completely shook Stacy’s world. This tragedy initiated her commitment to creating a solution. Recalling procedures that were effective in emergency responses used in classrooms already, Stacy considered the fire alarm. Why isn’t there a system that would function like a fire alarm but in response to gunshots rather than smoke? Realizing that instant, widespread communication of this extreme danger could save lives, it became her mission to deliver such a product.


Years of research and development went into the product. Collaboration with emergency responders, security professionals, and building administrators was critical to developing a comprehensive, useful system. Notification methods and integration opportunities were designed to be easy to use and customizable by the end user.

The goal of the project? To provide the fastest, most efficient indoor gunshot detection system that can help save lives.

The result? The Trinity System.

Our Mission

Trinity’s mission is to help save lives by providing immediate, critical, specific information in the event of an active shooter to building occupants and law enforcement officers allowing for a faster, more efficient and unified response.

Our Values

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Faith
  • Honesty
  • Humanity
  • Empathy

Our Vision

Trinity strives to improve response time, reduce casualties and minimize duration of active shooter incidents by providing automated notification with millisecond detection of gunfire, thereby creating a safer, situationally aware environment for all public spaces.

Trinity is dedicated to the lives taken or affected by active-shooter incidents, and to the heroes who helped make a difference. In their honor, we promise to donate 2% of profits to charitable organizations supporting this effort.

Instant detection can save lives. Entrust them to the leaders in lightning-fast, proprietary gunshot detection technology…Trinity.

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